Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Language Exchange, improve your language skills

Improve your langugage skills and talk or chat with people in a particular language.
This is a very good idea and you can test it now:

SharedTalk: Your language exchange network
In SharedTalk you can:
  • Discover how SharedTalk can help you learn foreign languages
  • Practice your speaking skills and get more fluent than ever
  • Chat Online and improve your language skills with other members
  • Find the perfect partner for your language exchange
  • Read and manage your mail, reply by email to your partner
All of this without other software... you don't need skype, msn, gtalk. You can practise and exchange language within the site.


Other links of language exchange:
LX the languageExchange
my language
xLingo Language Exchange Community

If you find or know another sites were you can exchange language, please add a comment.

All languages are available

Monday, October 22, 2007

Surf in Argentina

Great waves in Miramar:

Waves - Miramar - Argentina
Surf in Argentina
Surf - Miramar - Argentina

Pier fishing

My girlfriend took these photographs of a pier fishing in October 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hostels world tips

A very interesting site with information about hostels around the world: Hostels World

You can find tips about hostels and travels in: Travel and Hostel tips provides online confirmed bookings for hostels, budget accommodation centres and package tours, as well as comprehensive content such as city and country guides.

Cheap hostels in europe

Cheap Hostels in Europe ( offers the widest selection of cheap independent hostels in Europe.
See a list of hostels in the city you are travelling to.

Top destinations in Europe including London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, Venice, Rome and more.

No membership is required to stay in any of the hostels listed here.