Saturday, October 25, 2014

El Calafate - Patagonia - Argentina

This year I went to "El Calafate" in Argentina. This beautiful city is located in one of the most southern places in the world, Patagonia.

We took a plane in Buenos Aires directly to El Calafate

 When we arrived to El Calafate, we found a very different environment, a dry steppe with no trees around, but huge "Lago Argentino" and the mountains complete an explendid landscape.

The hotel "Rochester Calafate" is great, it is located a few kilometers from the center of Calafate city, but it has a transportation service that commutes you from the hotel to the center since 17 PM to 23 PM, in intervals of 30 minutes.

The first thay, we had few time because we arrived at 14 pm, so we went to the Lake to stay a while seeing the landscape and taking some pictures.

At night we went to the city center and we ate a great stew of Patagonian Lamb.

The real magic started the second day with the "Rios de hielo" tour. A catamaran goes through the Argentinian lake and takes you to Upsala and Spegazzini Glaciers. Before arriving to this explendid glaciers, you will see great icebergs all over the surface of the lake. Really awesome.

Well, here you have a small picture that represents the landscape we could see there, it is fanstastic.

The third day, we did a tour to Perito Moreno Glacier, called "Minitrekking". It allowes you to walk 1.30 hs over the Perito Moreno Glacier, and after lunch, you can appreciate the fantastic Perito Moreno wall with its small collapses. The sound of the ice falling over the lake is incredible, it sounds like bombs. Imagine when the glacier has the real collapse, it happens every three or two years (check it out in youtube)

Well, finishing our short trip (4 days and 3 nights), we went to Nimez Lake, you can do this trip by yourself. We walked 10 kms from the hotel, but if you are located in the center it is really close.
Here you have a picture we took there.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Amancio Williams - Bridge House in Mar del Plata

This is an incredible house in Mar del Plata.
Amancio Williams design and build this house over a river. Here you have some pictures of the Bridge House

Mar del Plata sea and waves

Waves in Mar del Plata

Waves, stones, ship, brids

Cranes in Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is one of the most important cities in Buenos Aires with 765000 habitants. This city is located on cost of the Atlantic Ocean and its architecture is beautifull. In summer there is a lot of people visiting it because is one of the main destinations for their who want to have some days of sand and sun.

South America map - Mar del Plata

I really like the scene (the colors of the sky and the contrast against the yellow of the two cranes), both seems to be alive !

Mar del Plata Cranes

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Sunrise of 2014 in Villa Gesell (Argentina) (01/01/2014)

I took this pictures in Villa Gesell (Argentina) when the first sun of 2014 appears over the horizon.

High resolution picture sunrise in villa gesell argentina

Big Sun with a 300 lens in villa gesell argentina