Monday, December 19, 2011

Don Quijote, Sancho Panza and the Mill in Tandil (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

Christ Sculpture in "El Calvario" Mount in Tandil (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

In Tandil, during the Easter holidays, when 10.000 believers visit the Mount Calvary (Monte Calvario) along the Way of the Cross (Via de las Cruces), it is possible to watch fourteen groups of sculptures, illustrating the sequence of the route of Christ to the Cross, which ends at Monte Calvario.

It is one of the more important religious festivities in Tandil and this destination can be visited any time in the year.

I took this pictures at the top of this Mount where you can find this fantastic Sculpture.

Handkerchief in the Mount "El Calvario" in Tandil Grief and Faith (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

The Calvario Mount is one of Tandil's most important places to visit.
It is formed by 14 sculptures that represent the stages of the Via Crucis. During Easter week, thousands of pilgrims visit it and join in the procession to the Main Church.

I took this pictures in the Mount "El Calvario" in Tandil - Buenos Aires - Argentina where the peaple leave handkerchief under the Christ Sculpture in representation of grief and faith

Friday, November 11, 2011

Iguazú Falls is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature

Iguazu Falls in Argentina (Misiones Province), in Iguazu River, are one of the world's largest waterfalls.
They extend over 2,700 m (nearly 2 miles) in a semi-circular shape.

Of the 275 falls that collectively make up Iguassu Falls, "Devil's Throat" (Garganta del Diablo) is the tallest at 80 m in height. Iguazu Falls are on the border between the Brazilian state of Paraná and the Argentine province of Misiones, and are surrounded by two National Parks (BR/ARG). Both are subtropical rainforests that are host to hundreds of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Agbar Tour in Barcelona - Spain

A yellow Vespa in Barcelona - Spain

A Beautiful red Ferrari in Barcelona - Spain

La Pedrera designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona (Casa Milà or The Quarry) - España

Some pictures of "La Pedrera" building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi during the years 1905 and 1910.

The building is wonderful and really beautiful. You can visit an apartment opened for the general public.
The furniture, decorations and details are incredible.
I recommend you to visit this building if you have the oportunity.