Monday, April 14, 2008

Arrive at Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a beautiful tropical island situated at the south of Rio de Janeiro (about 180 Km/112 miles).
I will tell you some ways to arrive Ilha Grande from Rio de Janeiro International Airport (Galeao).

After you arrive Rio de Janeiro Airport, you need to change money because there is no banks in the island. So you have to change all money you think spend in the island.

After you have done the migrations and get back your luggage, you have to take a bus or cab to the Rodoviara (Bus Station) Novo Rio.

The cab cost is about (R$ 35 / R$55) depending on the official airport cabs or common cabs.
If you decide to take a Bus, you have to wait the Real Company Bus. It stops in the airport. The cost is R$ 6.50.Real Company Bus
Bus to Rodoviaria (Bus Station) Novo Rio

Once you arrive Rodoviaria Novo Rio, you must take Costa Verde Bus to Angra Dos Reis. It cost is R$ 31 and takes about 3 hours. Another option is take a Bus to Mangarativa. These cities are in front of the island.

When you arrive to Angra Dos Reis you have to take a ship to the island.

Angra Dos Reis beach
Angra dos Reis

There are several options, but the ferry is the safer

Ferry to Ilha Grande
Ferry (company Barcas S/A) to Ilha Grande

You can take a ship called Resta 1, it is ok too.
The boat trip length is 1 hour and 30 minutes (21 km / 13 miles) departing from Angra Dos Reis.

Ilha Grande dock
Ilha Grande Dock

And that's all, thats how you can arrive Ilha Grande ! next... I will show some beautiful places in the island.

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