Saturday, March 20, 2010

Velas Sudamericanas - Frigates and Sailboats in Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Regata del Bicentenario - Picture of Frigates in Puerto Madero

frigates and sailboats in puerto madero
frigates in puerto maderoCelebrating the "Bicentenario de la patria" in Argentina, several frigates arrive and gave an incredible show in Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires - Argentina. Music of countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, and more...
It was wonderful.

And at night you can see this beautiful lights decorating the frigates:
panoramic picture frigates puerto madero argentinaPanoramic picture of frigates in Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires

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You can see more beautiful pictures of this frigates in Puerto Madero taked by Gustavo Trillo in:
Frigates visited Puerto Madero celebrating the "Bicentenario"

More information: Velas Sudamericanas 2010

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